The StringWorks Setup™ - expect the BEST from your violin, viola, or cello

 While StringWorks has always practiced the highest level of quality in our instrument setups, to be sure each violin, viola, and cello performs to its absolute full potential, we've formalized the process a bit by naming it The StringWorks Setup™, as it deserves to be highlighted given its importance in how an instrument plays, assuring both ease of use and rewarding tone.

On our new webpage dedicated to highlighting the precise points of each StringWorks Setup™ - - we hope that violinists, violists, and cellists will take a close look at their own instruments, or those they plan to purchase, to assure that they are setup with an equal quality assurance as the StringWorks Setup™, and to expect no less.  A performer might have a wonderful instrument, but if the bridge is not cut perfectly, or shaped to exactly match the curvature of their instrument, it will not sound as good as it can.  If the soundpost is not correctly fitted, expertly, and by hand, then it may not reward the player with a fulfilling and gorgeous tone.

Most common, and most unfortunate, is improper bridge height.  'Factory setups' are all too common, with hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of instruments annually put out to players hands with a bridge that is not only grossly too high, but improperly carved in its curvature.  This creates a litany of issues for the player, and any professional will tell you that the struggles to perform on an instrument with an improperly carved bridge are not only the curse of the student, but the professional as well.  If the strings are ridiculously high, it literally HURTS to play!  If a bridge is not properly curved, with the right combination of heights from the highest to the lowest strings (and, few know this, but the two middle strings are the highest in string height, not the lowest, the C or G), then even the greatest player struggles with playing on less than one string at a time, filling the performance with unintended double stops.

Stop the madness!  INSIST on the StringWorks Setup™

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