Scared to buy a violin, viola, or cello online? Don't be!!

Often we hear potential customers say something along the lines of "my teacher said to NEVER buy online!"


'Buying online' and purchasing from a reputable small business who HAPPENS to have an online presence (read: a website/virtual showroom) are worth differentiation.  A customer of ours said it best, recently:

"StringWorks isn't an online company, it is a real company that also happens to have a website for people like me who can't get to Wisconsin but want to have a StringWorks instrument." - S.B.

The advent of the internet as a retail sales tool has brought unlimited exposure to products the world over.  Tens and hundreds of thousands of reliable, reputable companies have made great strides in online commerce, and, unfortunately, many hundreds of thousands of disreputable sites have done the same, thus soiling the reputation of all.

Rather than worry about choosing your next violin, viola, or cello from a company that is online, consider more the reputation of the company, the customer comments, and CALL!  Speak to those who represent the company.  Get comfortable with your purchase before you make it.  And, for heaven's sake, get an in-home trial period!  You'll often find that, like with StringWorks, you'll be able to find an instrument that far exceeds your expectations, and you'll join a life-long relationship with a company that you can call or email at any time, with any questions.  



Scammed by Shar? How so? Definitely not the ‘same thing’ with StringWorks, please look at our comments, reviews, either here or Google, Facebook, etc. We’re a much smaller family-owned company with a legendary attention to detail with all our customers!! We treat you like family as well :)

StringWorks December 12, 2019

I got scammed by Shar music and was wondering if it is the same here, I am interested in the soloist 3 cello and the maestro cello

Richard Nguyen December 12, 2019

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"It's such a wonderful online shopping experience. StringWorks showed me what is excellent customer service about that creates raving fans. Looking forward to my next purchase!" 

A.F., Phillippines