Chicago area customers/travelers - come visit us!

Did you know our showroom is only 30 minutes west of Chicago?  Many don't know that, but we wanted to be sure we mentioned it on our website and our blog, as getting here is so easy, and so very much worth the visit!

Downtown Geneva is among the most beautiful shopping and dining destinations in the Western suburbs - packed with charm, with something for everyone.  Come pick up your instrument (or pick OUT your instrument, if you haven't purchased already) in our showroom, enjoy some coffee from our Treble Cafe, and visit our local favorite haunts: Moveable Feast, Grahams Chocolate Shop, and Pelindaba Lavender, recently opened.

We have great restaurants, wine tasting rooms, and some semi-famous fried chicken in town!  We'll even pick you up from the train stop only a few blocks from our showroom!

Check our hours here, or make an appointment.  

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