Where can I buy a violin near me?

Hello StringWorks folks!  I've been looking more deeply into the ways in which people like you find our website - what you search for, and of what you do, what really stands out to me. 

Most recently I've come across search terms of "Where can I buy a violin near me?" (or Where can I buy a cello near me? or Were can I buy a viola near me?) and it makes me smile a bit.  When I started StringWorks 21 years ago (wow, that StringWorks physical locationmakes me feel old!), the original business model was to be the violin shop for those who did NOT have a good option near them.  That holds true still today.  I've designed this business to be the friendly, helpful, relationship-based violin shop for all violin, viola, and cello players.  Just because we're on the internet (and we were the very first to sell musical instruments of any kind on the web!) doesn't make us a Wal-Mart, Craigslist, or (gasp!) Amazon.  Far from it!  We take calls and emails all day, every day, even from those who are not (unfortunately) planning to buy or rent a stringed instrument from us.  That's what a good local violin shop does, and we do it for the whole country (and across the world, as well!)


If you are looking for a violin, viola, or cello 'near you', come to us!  We have been shipping musical instruments worldwide for over 2 decades, and because we're NOT in the business of having them exposed to excessive time in transit, we make sure we choose perfectly for each customer, so we rarely get instruments returned to us once we've selected them (as we always do) for each, individual customer.  In fact, our return rate is less than 1% for ALL our instrument sales, even with 14-day trials!  We love our violins, violas, and cellos, and we don't want them ending up in a trash heap with FedEx from damage.

Reach out, call us (toll-free at 888-624-6114), or email us anytime - we're the violin shop you have always wanted to be able to visit in your hometown, but we sort of come to you instead :)

Updated 8/31/2021


     Todd French, Founder/President

     StringWorks, Inc.

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