Professional Quartet Cellist on our Maestro and Soloist Cellos

A professional cellist has a student who is trying out two of our cellos - Maestro SE (Special Edition) and Soloist III - and he took the time to write to us, he was so impressed.  We'd like to share his thoughts 

"Quartet cellist here--I recently had a chance to hear and play Maestro and Soloist III models from Stringworks. I'm seriously impressed by both cellos: even across their entire range with an open, attractive tone. The setups on both models are bang-on; notes very soft or loud consistently speak immediately (a challenge in the dead of winter); accurate fingerboard planing in all registers; very easy to play. My own cello eventually acquired these characteristics, but not until my local luthier had replaced the original soundpost, bridge, and endpin socket--quite the added cost! The staff's advertised descriptions of the celli's tonal personalities are accurate as well; Maestro is the darker model, Soloist III is the brighter model. These celli match and exceed the playing value offered by instruments I've encountered at twice their price. If this is your budget, you need to give them a trial. -Ryan Ash, cellist, Beo String Quartet"

It's all about the professional-level setup, folks!  Don't take our word for it - take Ryan's :)

December 14, 2021



     Todd French, Founder/President

     StringWorks, Inc.

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