'Special Edition' - What Does That Mean?

Many of you have noticed that StringWorks has 'Special Edition' options on several of our instrument lines.  What does that mean, exactly?

The Special Edition is a combination of higher quality, more aged woods with greater figure/flame and higher grade of setup - superior grade bridge plus upgraded strings and other fittings, where applicable.  Because of this, the overall performance of the Special Edition versions of each line that has it as an option is superior in all factors to the standard model.   Think of it in terms of car shopping. You can arrive at the dealer and choose to buy the base model of the vehicle you wish, or upgrade to the model with leather seats, more power or luxury, and superior performance/experience.

Very few of our models receive the Special Edition designation, and each are visually and tonally superior to the 'regular' versions of that same model, even though each carries the StringWorks level of quality and excellence.

As always, simply reach out to us with your questions and we'll happily explain the differences, even providing you sound recordings of the instruments you wish to compare, so you know exactly which to choose to fulfill your musical goals.

Updated 2/9/22



     Todd French, Founder/President

     StringWorks, Inc.

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