John Brasil Cello Bow - Nickel Mounted

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As with the higher-grade Horst John and D. Silveira bows, we're very pleased to offer the John Brasil and Marco Raposo bows, direct from the source of the wood that makes them so spectacular - Brazil (Pernambuco, Ipe, Massaranduba).  We hand select each and every bow from hundreds offered to us, to find the very best for our customers, checking weight, balance, camber and straightness.

A superb bow, similar wood and the same workshop, if you don't want to pay for silver. Generally, a more robust, crisp, "louder" sound when compared to the silver mounted counterpart. Great playability!

Top quality sticks are outfitted with ebony frogs, fully lined with nickel mounts.  Suitable for those looking for a great match to our Soloist, Michael Todd, or Kallo Bartok lines, these bows will satisfy the performance needs of the most advanced players, and even serve as tremendous backup bows for professionals of the highest caliber.

Typical weight is 81-82 grams, round sticks are what we keep in stock but can obtain octagonal as well, for cellists who prefer octagonal bows.

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