Horst John - D. Silveira Pernambuco Cello Bow

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StringWorks is pleased to offer Horst John, D. Silveira, and Marco Raposo Pernambuco bows for our more discerning customers, aiming for world-class materials and performance.  We hand-select EVERY bow from the workshop, looking over all bows to find the best for our customers.

Brings out your cello's richest sound, full of overtones, smooth yet crisp. Perfect balance to make sure your most most emotive piece, or the quickest passage will sound its best. The bow we use to test cellos in our showroom!  

The D. Silveira name is recently added to the Horst John workshop, but the bows are made by the same craftsmen.  Models are Peccatte and Lamy.

Each starts with the selection of the indicated wood, straight-grained, and naturally aged and dried.  Available in gold and decorative silver mounts by special order, these Horst John and D. Silveira cello bows are fitted with silver mounts.

Suitable performance for the most advanced amateur, or professional cellist.  Each bow includes a full guarantee on the quality of buttons, screws and eyelets, pearlslides and eyes. Each weighs approximately 81-82 grams, typically.

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