Kallo Bartok Cello - European Excellence

$8,500 USD Compare at$10,000 USD


Solid, hand carved European woods of the highest quality, with body being handmade in Romania and all final work and varnish done by our very own Man Claudiu in Italy!  No where else can you obtain a concert-level cello made in Europe for this quality at less than $15,000, and we would challenge you to prove us wrong!

The quality of the Kallo Bartok is so extraordinary that one was used for an entire season with Los Angeles Opera by one of the Opera cellists!!! (and later sold to a very happy StringWorks customer)

The tone of the Kallo Bartok cello is nothing short of equal to the beauty of the instrument itself. With magnificent resonance throughout the registers, a brilliant upper register and deep, rich lower register, this instrument is truly for the consummate cellist looking for an instrument that is a visual and tonal masterpiece. For the collegiate, professional, and discerning musician alike.  

Listen to that resonance!

Available with either boxwood or ebony fittings of the highest quality, and fitted with Wittner Ultralight tailpiece (Bois d'Harmonie available at additional charge) and New Harmony Music carbon fiber endpin.

Top quality Despiau bridge, ebony fingerboard, inlaid purfling, solid, carved throughout, aged European spruce and maple of the highest quality, antiqued oil varnish. Each instrument setup for optimal tone with any of the following strings or combinations: Larsen, Helicore, Spirocore.

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