Artist Cello, For the Baroque Lover

$1,775 USD Compare at$1,995 USD

This original cello found its home, but we have two options now for customized Artist cellos - each with strings that sound more like gut. The Obligato would be your best option, but the combination of Larsen and Helicore Soft is a slightly less expensive way to experience the warmth and complexity of gut with better response. Can't wait for you to play your Bach suites on this cello!

Now one of the most popular cellos in the nation, StringWorks cellos were developed with the expertise of professional cellists (the owner of the company is a professional cellist!), resulting in an instrument of superior tonal capability and playing ease. This Artist cello manages to replicate the sound, feel, and aura of a Baroque cello with gut strings.  The cello itself resonates exactly like a gamba might, with the raw, edgy complexity of gut strings.  A very unique cello that any Bach and Baroque lover will cherish, it is surprisingly easy to play with almost instantaneous sound.   

"I like to try new instruments and bows, especially when the results are as positive as they were this morning when I had the opportunity to try one each Artist and Maestro cello from String Works... I've tried French cellos that owners paid $10,000 for that should not play in the same room with either of these low-price instruments." - A.V.

StringWorks cellos and the Los Angeles Philharmonic: A member of the Los Angeles Philharmonic chose to play a StringWorks Artist cello while on tour with the Orchestra in Mexico, leaving his 19th century Italian instrument at home!

Artist Cellos - Solid carved, highly flamed maple back, sides, and neck, solid carved medium grain Himalayan spruce top, unique top varnish, solid highest quality ebony fittings, inlaid purfling, ebony or boxwood fittings. Meets or exceeds all MENC specifications, and comes with the StringWorks Setup.

OUTFIT DISCOUNT!  If you purchase an instrument, case, and bow, use discount code OUTFIT to receive $20.00 off your order!

Trade-In Policy: StringWorks continues to feature the greatest trade-in policy in the industry.  Your first trade-in, to a higher level instrument of the same type (violin to violin, etc) is 100% credit of the purchase price.  Subsequent trade-ups are 80%!  Certain restrictions apply, and instrument must be in as-new condition for full credit.  Repairs and reconditioning charges may be subtracted from your credit applied

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