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Welcome to 'Todd's Takes' - a blog where I try to be 'real' and casual/conversational about our instruments, cases, or bows.  All the details are already in the product pages, but when I talk with customers on the phone, I find the discussion is often fun and honest, and I'd like to share those 'discussions' with everybody, since I don't get the chance to speak to each customer via phone. (although I'm happy to do so!)

Our Soloist cello has undergone probably the most variations through the decades, and while we're currently on the Soloist III, it probably should be re-named Soloist IV, but we'll keep it as is :)  The current iteration is awesome, truly - visually so striking, with gorgeous flamed maple, beautiful application of varnish on these.  VERY slightly antiqued, the perfect amount for those who like antiquing, and those who don't!

Tonally they now have a richer, rounder sound than prior iterations, more in line with Maestro Special Edition, but still more powerful and impactful, as the name indicates.  Evan just loves playing these, and I had a great time picking one to photograph for the site, they are all so pretty.  Easily a $5000-6000 cello at any 'big city' shop, and if you get the chance to try one, you'll see why.  Love these Soloists!

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