Todd's Takes - The Variety of Michael Todd Cellos

We pride ourselves in consistency, and as most of you already know by now, our models are clearly designed to be superior to the one(s) preceding them, by design.  Greater quality in woods, tone, varnish, workmanship, any combination thereof.  Most of our lines (Artist, Virtuoso, Maestro, in particular) are very consistent in appearance, tonal production, and overall performance, within that line.

The Michael Todd, however, is absolutely tons of fun, as we go a little nuts choosing from the myriad of models available from our workshop.  We've featured Montagnana models, Gofriller, Ruggieri (see below for update on Ruggieri!), even some old school Amati back in the day.  Each is unique, and we just love the variety - some even have decorative inlaid purfling, or use full European woods.  We've been tending toward widebody cellos, as that's what players at this level often want, but, of course, we set them up perfectly so they are still easy to play!

If you are looking for more uniqueness in your StringWorks instrument, ask us what Michael Todd cellos we've got in the 'hopper' :)

Added 8/22/19: We just got a Ruggieri model (will be shown on the Michael Todd page as well, in photos) set up and it is absolutely extraordinary.  Possibly the best C string we've had in a cello in years.  It's this incredible combination of velvety with intense power and richness.  Just awesome!

Added 7/19/24: I had forgotten I already DID a 'Todd's Takes' on Michael Todd, and we had a (rare) collection of FOUR in stock so I had the brilliant idea of making an I apparently already had done.  As I quickly played through the four cellos, I noticed how unique they each were and that would be the subject of my post!...oops, already covered that subject as well!!  At least I'm consistent!  This time I'd like to highlight a NEW Michael Todd model for us, based on a Stradivari 1710 instrument.  Of the four, Evan preferred one, I preferred this 1710 model - again, both of the cellos are - in concert with the whole subject of my original Todd's Takes here - unique!  What really stands out to me with this Michael Todd is the instant response, particularly with the left hand work.  Rapid-fire fingering on the A string results in machine gun response - it's full of clarity, and each note instantly sounds out and changes with the next rapid-fire fingering.  The C-string is a beast, too - bold and resonant, not for the faint of heart, perfect for a little Shostakovich Concerto :)  For those considering the Michael Todd, take ALL the above 'takes' as part of your process, as it's truly the only line we have with so much variety - truly something for any player, for any playing style and preference to repertoire.  I'm going back to Machine Gun A String for a bit...until my (now uncalloused) fingers get sore, which doesn't take long anymore!



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