Michael Todd III Cello

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The Michael Todd III is a dream, with a very sweet and tender richness to the tone when you want it alongside a mature, billowing projection. It is perfect for music of the Classical period such as Haydn and Mozart, is brilliant with Symphonic repertoire, and has great warmth and resonance throughout each register.  Many cellists will love the depth of the lower registers, that still have a slight grain to give it an edge, and the upper register is soloistic and lyrical, with very fast response.  Each Michael Todd III cello is hand-selected by our company President from the workshop, to assure only the best examples make it to our bench for setup. 

"All I can say is; I'm in love! The instrument itself is absolutely beautiful and the setup is amazing. Playing this Michael Todd III.... Wow. Too easy!"

Available with ebony fittings of the highest quality, and fitted with Wittner composite tailpiece and New Harmony Music carbon fiber endpin.

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Mature, complex tone - like an older instrument with many years of playing 

Deep, dark chocolate low register

Soaring, lyrical upper register

Full, overtone resonance

Highest quality Despiau bridge (available in either French or Belgian models), ebony fingerboard, inlaid purfling, solid, carved throughout, highly aged spruce and maple of the highest quality, antiqued hand-applied oil varnish, ebony fittings, Wittner composite tailpiece with built-in fine tuners, New Harmony composite endpin. Each instrument setup with the StringWorks Setup for optimal tone with any of the following strings or combinations: Larsen, Kaplan, Helicore, Spirocore, Versum, Perpetual.  


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