StringWorks Maestro Cello

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Improved once again, with even higher quality woods!  One of the most popular cellos available today for the adult amateur and advanced cello student, the Maestro cello features some of the most beautiful figured woods and a rich oil varnish that is tastefully, lightly antiqued. The tone of these celli is rich, resonant and full, with wonderfully deep bass registers and a strong and vibrant upper register. Suitable for the most discriminating cellist, these instruments provide the visual beauty that is surpassed only by the rich tonal colors and depth of sound. Exclusively at StringWorks! Remember, there are many instrument brands now available with the 'Maestro' name, but there is only one StringWorks Maestro - the original and still the best!

"I'm very impressed with my Maestro cello.  You're right, it really does ring; and yet the open A is not harsh.  Precisely what I wanted to achieve though I didn't expect such a powerful sound and I only have perhaps 5 or six hours on it (yes my finger tips are sore as h***).  25 years ago I paid $7,500 for a Mittenwald cello, and it's very good cello but in my opinion my Maestro outshines it in every aspect.  I was expecting to pay $15,000 for a suitable cello!" - B. Short

We have greatly improved our Maestro cello over the years, and the current version is by far the finest yet! Higher quality woods, expertly hand applied varnish, top quality ebony fingerboard, and a setup equal to that used on our Michael Todd and Kallo Bartok instruments - the StringWorks Setup (Photos shown reflect two varying varnish colors, available at times, inquire for current options)

Solid, carved maple back and sides, solid carved aged spruce top, hand applied oil varnish, slightly antiqued. Ebony fingerboard, Aubert Mirecourt bridge, Larsen A & D / D'Addario Helicore G & C OR Kaplan set. New Harmony Music carbon fiber endpin available as an option for $99.00 installed.

Which to choose? The Maestro, as easily seen in the beautiful photos, features far more beautiful woods, more highly figured, which are aged longer than in the Artist and Virtuoso.  The varnish is tastefully antiqued to bring out the beautiful qualities in the wood.  Tonally, the Maestro is characterized as richer and fuller than the Virtuoso, with a singing A string that can easily handle the most advanced repertoire.  Suitable for the discerning intermediate player, but perfect for the more advanced player, such as a college student majoring in music education.  The Maestro has a mature, distinguished tone, and is perfect for chamber music as well.  For a more soloistic instrument, take a look at the Soloist (aptly named!)

Ebony fittings come standard. (now available in 3/4 size - please call for more details!)

OUTFIT DISCOUNT!  If you purchase an instrument, case, and bow, use discount code OUTFIT to receive $20.00 off your order!

Trade-In Policy: StringWorks continues to feature the greatest trade-in policy in the industry.  Your first trade-in, to a higher level instrument of the same type (violin to violin, etc) is 100% credit of the purchase price.  Subsequent trade-ups are 80%!  Certain restrictions apply, and instrument must be in as-new condition for full credit.  Repairs and reconditioning charges may be subtracted from your credit applied

"The Maestro cello outfit arrived today and I'm very happy with it! Thank you! The cello is set up very nicely, easy to play, and for a new instrument has a lovely tone. The only comparable instrument I found to this one was made by a Judge Thomas (if I recall correctly) in 1935, and sold for $6,500. All the quality is there in the construction - even down to the purfling and the setting of the pegs." - M.M.

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