Man Claudiu Cello

$20,000 USD Compare at$30,000 USD

"The Claudiu sound is such that it commands the performance. The wide & full scale dynamic, the subsequent tone are literally awesome!"

"[Our teacher] loves the cello and actually said that he might be interested in buying one for himself at some point. He said it sounds as good as his $40K cello and has great overtones."

Man Claudiu makes these beautiful instruments for us by hand in his workshop in northern Italy. Only the finest European woods, fittings, and oil varnish are used in the making of each masterpiece.

A website can never do an instrument of this caliber justice. Have questions for Claudiu? Ask the maker! Interested in how a trial or the reservation process works? Ask us anything! Enjoy these exquisite pictures, we're more than happy to send you a recording, but you really HAVE to hear it and play it in person.

The tone of the Man Claudiu cello is very complex - rich and deep lower register with clarity and brilliance in the upper register. It is suitable for the pre-professional player or for one who wishes never to have to upgrade, as the quality of Man Claudiu's work is equal to that of many of the most popular contemporary instrument makers. While the tone is spectacular from the very start, the reward comes later as it begins to break in and the tone matures with the player. Comparable to cellos from big-city shops in the $18,000-$40,000 range players have told us!

Special financing available for up to 5 years - payments as low as $339 per month will have you playing on this incredible instrument!  

Available with either boxwood or ebony fittings of the highest quality, (Hill-style with heart-shaped pegs) and fitted with Bois d'Harmonie tailpiece and New Harmony Music hollow carbonfiber endpin.

Despiau "Three Tree A" bridge, ebony fingerboard, inlaid purfling, solid, carved throughout, the very finest hand selected, aged European spruce and maple of the highest quality, lightly antiqued oil varnish. Each instrument optimally setup with Larsen Soloist A, D, G and Magnacore or Spirocore C (or your favorite combination such as Versum!)

(Photos shown below are Montagnana model (front and back) and Gofriller model back and front, respectively - higher quality images are available by email by request)

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