Have it Your Way at StringWorks! Baroque, Fiddle, Classical...

Yes, you can still have your instrument, your way from StringWorks.

Fiddle players rejoice!  

Baroque players rejoice!  

We and our luthier are excited to work with you, our family of players, to get the violin, viola, or cello you want.  Our Setup is something we are very proud of, but to each their own.  Fiddle players want Helicore strings and a less rounded bridge for easier double stops?  Just let us know.


Baroque players are particularly at a loss.  We will be offering Baroque instruments soon, but for those who want to experiment first, we will be offering "hybrid" setups.  First, a mix of gut, synthetic gut, or other specific strings; next, we will offer Barqoue bridges and tailpieces; for those cellists who want to play with no endpin, even, we will offer the Baroque endbutton in place of the endpin.  


For most fiddle adjustments, there will be little if any upgrade charge.  The Maestro violin has been extradorinarily popular with fiddle players, its resonance responding well to the Helicore strings and playing style.  For Baroque and Bach lovers, there will be an upgrade price based on your level of customization.  Please contact us for specifics - the Virtuoso, Maestro, and Michael Todd would be great candidates for the Baroque player.  

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