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Let Us Labor, You Play

In honor of Labor Day this year, we thought it would be a perfect time to remind people that your playing should NOT be a labor! Well, maybe a "labor of love" and passion in your practicing, but not the physicality of playing :)

"Playability" and "Setup" can be confusing, intimidating, and mysterious, but leave that to us. All that matters is that when you sit down to play your instrument, you're in love. That feeling is what guides is in everything we do! Some parents confess to us after their child is so blown away with his or her new instrument that they never knew this was how an instrument is supposed to sound - or worse, that their player thought that they were the problem, or never going to be any good. This is a tragedy for the lost joy that music can bring, but also for how many families and programs settle for inferior instruments.

string height measurement
Good luck with thumb position on a cello with 10mm+ string height!

If you’ve been researching and comparing a few instruments for a while now, we can assure you the differences you’ll notice with one of our instruments in your hands are not necessarily things you will be able to evaluate on any website.  You might not even be able to put your feelings into words!  There are some objective measurements like string height and post/bridge position, but much more is greater than the sum of its parts.

We invite you to take advantage of our trial and you’ll understand why we focus so much on our setup, and why we are confident that you and your teacher will be blown away by the tonal and sound value. You will discover your new potential and spend your time making music and improving your technique, not fighting the instrument.

From hand selecting each body, to expert, customized setup by our luthier and play-testing and final tonal/string adjustments by our players, every aspect of our instruments is curated and guaranteed by us.  No robots, no rigid system followed - only adapting to and listening to these “living” instruments.  At StringWorks, we are players and craftsman using our years of experience and preferences to ensure you have the best playing experience.  Here are just a few testimonies from recent customers:


"My fingers were able to fly!! The micro shifts and super-extensions had been eliminated. The notes were right under my fingers!  Such happiness!”
"We asked for a special consideration to the set-up for my young son's fingers to work easier on high (thumb) positions. We did notice that they were indeed easier to press down compared to my other celli.
"Getting this cello has made playing more enjoyable. It plays with ease and causes no strain on my hands as I play. The sound of the instrument is so rich, it is hard to explain it as it is something you need to hear for yourself. After playing it for nearly a month I still have the same level of excitement each time I go to play it.
"I have lived with my new instrument for almost two weeks, and I wanted you to know that I am thrilled with it. It is very responsive and it also resonates in ways I never thought possible. The music I play sounds really different now, and so much better. I appreciate very much your skill as a player, your knowledge of the instruments and bows, and your willingness to take the time and effort to see that the players find a perfect fit. My teacher told me how rare it is to find someone who is as knowledgeable and as caring as you are in the business of selling instruments. I really feel that the needs and preferences of the musician come first at Stringworks. It is clear that the people who work there take pride in their work and that the customer is informed, guided, respected, and honored."

What could you possibly be waiting for? The only thing you have to lose is wasted practice time. I'm the king of indecision and 25 tabs (just ask my wife), but this is one case where your decision is easy.

If you have ANY questions or hesitations, please call or email me. If you aren't completely happy with your instrument, we'll cover the return shipping and the cost to send you a new one with whatever adjustments and requests you have for us. It's your instrument after all, and we're here to help you find your new best friend!

Happy Labor Day 2018! 


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