NS NXT4a Electric Cello

$1,939 USD Compare at$2,449 USD

NXT4a cellos are currently backordered, shipping in late summer. Confirm your backorder now, so your place in line is held. Drop-shipped as soon as it's received at the NS warehouse. 

The NXT Series Cello, available in 4 or 5 string versions, offers a great instrument on a limited budget - flawless workmanship at an incredible value - this electric cello will amaze you!

  • With separate settings for pizzicato and arco techniques, the Polar Pickup System alternates between the traditional arco mode for percussive attack and dynamic bowed response, or pizzicato mode for a smooth, sustained tone. All of this with no batteries.
  • The NXT cello also has a potentiometer in its volume and tone controls, which sends 100% of the instrument's signal to the amplifier. The result is a fuller, richer tone, with more power, detail, and overall intensity.
  • Cellists will be glad to know that wolf tones do not occur on the electric instrument. Similarly, in amplified performance settings, the NXT Cello will not feed back, even at high volume.  Since 100% of its sound is through its pickup, loop and effects devices work perfectly to manipulate the complete tone of the instrument.
  • The solid maple body and neck, together with the graduated ebony fingerboard, delivery a rich, full tone that rings true for every note. Asymmetrical fingerboard relief provides extraordinary ease of playability from the lowest to the highest positions. To suit individual player preferences, the fingerboard relief can be adjusted via the truss rod in the neck, and the string height is readily adjustable at the bridge.
  • The tripod stand (included) can be used seated or standing. There is also an "end pin stand" that replicates the traditional cello points of contact and position, and a belt/strap system that allows you to walk or run around while playing!  

The NXT cello brings unprecedented affordability to the player interested in world-class design, craftsmanship and performance. With a visual appearance a striking as its sound, the roadworthy NXT is an exciting and reliable partner for the most demanding performance career.


Includes gig bag and stand, plus we have a choice of fine amplifiers!  

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